Crédits photo: Tourisme Lanaudière – Jimmy Vigneux

Portrait of the region

Located on the north bank of the St. Lawrence River, just east of Montreal, Lanaudière offers a variety of landscapes where nature lovers come to expand their lungs and to exult in the fresh outdoors and the scent of evergreens. From the banks of the St. Lawrence to the south to the Lauarentian mountain range to the north, the Lanaudière landscape encompasses flat farmland, deep valleys, untouched islands, divine mountains, and sparkling lakes and rivers • all of which contribute to the make-up of a multifaceted corner of the country. With its charming towns, dense forests and peaceful countryside, Lanaudière offers close and fulfilling contact with the great outdoors.

Whether coming for a concert at the Festival de Lanaudière or to sample the local cuisine at our well-known restaurants, whether treating oneself to a week of travel about the countryside or staying overnight in a charming inn or someplace less traditional, every occasion offers a splendid opportunity to taste the legendary Lanaudière hospitality.

There is so much to do in Lanaudiere! A true paradise for hunting and fishing, the region boasts the greatest concentration of outfitters within reach of Montreal. Each year, the fishing season lasts until mid October, when the trees are bursting with color. Harvest time also offers the chance to “Taste Lanaudière” while making the gourmet circuit through mountain and valley. When winter blankets the region with white, the sports-minded turn their attention to snowshoeing, skiing (both downhill and cross-country), snowmobiling and dogsledding, while others race about the Christmas shops and festivals. Summer brings thoughts of pleasant idleness, of ambling about the countryside, and a chalet experience beside a lake or in the mountains. Thoughts also certainly turn to reserving seats at one of the region’s many festivals, including the Festival de Lanaudière, Quebec’s preeminent celebration of classical music.

For additional suggestions of what to do or for more information,

The Festival recommends the following tourist attractions:

Vignoble Mondor
137 rang Saint-Henri
Lanoraie, J0K 1E0
450 887-2250

Ferme Guy Rivest
1305 chemin Laliberté
Rawdon, J0K 1S0
450 834-5127

Maison et Jardin Antoine Lacombe
895 rue de la Visitation
Saint-Charles-Borromée, J6E 7Y8
450 755-1113

Ferme Régis
40 rang de la Deuxième-Chaloupe
Notre-Dame-des-Prairies, J6E 7Y8
450 755-4905

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