The Festival Friends

In order to welcome music lovers to the Festival with unwavering efficiency and courtesy, a volunteer organization, the Festival Friends [Les Ami(e)s du Festival], was founded in 1986. These volunteers • some 100 strong • are today proud ambassadors of what the region is capable of offering music lovers from Quebec and beyond, who are always amazed at what the Festival has to offer.

Over the course of the past year, the Festival Friends put in more than 4,000 hours of work on behalf of the Festival. The level of excellence they have demonstrated was officially recognized by the BNQ in its presentation of the first certificate ever granted in Quebec for customer service.

Becoming a member of the Festival Friends offers numerous advantages, including the opportunity to hear artists from Quebec and elsewhere in wonderful venues.

If you would like to join our team of volunteers, please call Suzanne Gagnon, President of the Festival Friends, at 450-759-5125. Note that your presence is required at a minimum of nine events, including three Sundays, during the season, and that each volunteer is required to pay a fee of $25.

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