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The Amphithéâtre Fernand-Lindsay, so named in 2010 in memory of Father Fernand Lindsay who founded the Festival de Lanaudière, is a place unlike any other.

A magnificent, tree-lined pathway leads to an illuminated arch that looks out over a splendid vista. Here, one stands at the highest point of the hillside, facing the stage below. Here and there, concert-goers are beginning to settle in. Some are enjoying a picnic, seated or reclining on the lawn under sun umbrellas and sipping beverages. Each in his or her own way is preparing for the outdoor event. Others are taking their places under the Amphithéâtre Fernand-Lindsay roof, comfortably seated in well-protected, reserved seats.

Built in 1989 in the heart of a hemlock grove, the Amphithéâtre Fernand-Lindsay can accommodate up to 8,000 concert-goers, with 2,000 seats under the roof and space for 6,000 people on the lawn. The perfect design of the facilities and natural morphology of the site result in exceptional acoustical properties. In 2011, giant screens were installed on the lawn and beneath the roof, allowing music-lovers to feel closer to the musicians and to enhance their musical experiences.

Music, tourism, and architecture

Nos salles_Anton Kuerti eglise de Lavaltrie 2007

When the Festival first began, most of the concerts were held at the Cathédrale de Joliette and in the area’s magnificent churches, each offering a unique atmosphere in keeping with its outstanding acoustical properties.

To this day, our churches continue to provide a privileged setting for the more intimate recital and chamber music repertory, thus creating a happy marriage of music and the area’s rich architectural heritage. Each year, the Festival hosts from six to twelve concerts in the churches of the Lanaudière region. These provide the music-loving tourist the opportunity to discover the charms of a wonderful area known not only for its natural beauty but also for the wide range of local products found there. Whether along the river or in the small valleys bordering the Laurentian Mountains, our churches promise pleasure for both the eye and the ear!

Hearing music differently

The Salle Rolland-Brunelle, an Italian-style room built in 1927 and renovated in 1997, is a special place prized by musicians, technicians and audiences. The Centre culturel de Joliette puts on more than 150 events of all kinds each season. Here, the Festival de Lanaudière presents concerts and recitals in a cabaret setting, with alcoholic beverages available for purchase at tables.

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