Located on the north bank of the St. Lawrence River, just east of Montreal, Lanaudière offers a variety of landscapes where nature lovers come to expand their lungs and to exult in the fresh outdoors and the scent of evergreens. From the banks of the St. Lawrence to the south to the Lauarentian mountain range to the north, the Lanaudière landscape encompasses flat farmland, deep valleys, untouched islands, divine mountains, and sparkling lakes and rivers • all of which contribute to the make-up of a multifaceted corner of the country.

Whether coming for a concert at the Festival de Lanaudière or to sample the local cuisine at our well-known restaurants, whether treating oneself to a week of travel about the countryside or staying overnight in a charming inn or someplace less traditional, every occasion offers a splendid opportunity to taste the legendary Lanaudière hospitality.

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