Why donating is important

Dear Music Lovers and Friends of the Festival,

I come here, to Lanaudière, to put my shoulder to the wheel in a gallant mission that brings pride to the entire region, to the Province of Quebec, and to all Canada. I speak of course of Le Festival de Lanaudière. From one shore to the other and beyond, one speaks of Lanaudière as a region bathed in music, a fraternity of cities and towns fostering a wonderful rapport with the arts, and of this outdoor amphitheater where thousands gather to enjoy the blessings and benefits music can bring.

We are speaking also of a man named Fernand Lindsay, who, supported by a large religious community, by choristers of the Place Bourget, then by volunteers and teachers, young music lovers grown to adulthood, and eventually the entire region, created a meeting place for musicians and those who love the world’s finest music.

You will understand, therefore, why my chest swells each time I am reminded that I have been the one entrusted with the artistic future of this incomparable and priceless legacy that is Le Festival de Lanaudière. I feel proud, enthusiastic, ambitious, and delighted.

But I realize also that my passionate love for music, my wish to make it known to all, to have it loved and presented to everyone by the best artists I know, cannot guarantee the success of the Festival for the next forty years. We have to be a team. And you are part of it.

I need your help, and you can contribute by doing not just one, but actually four things:

1. Talk about this great and beautiful festival called Lanaudière.
2. Come often, many of you, to one of our concerts or events.
3. Make a donation.
4. Talk or write to me about your comments and suggestions, and share with me your feelings,
discoveries, disappointments, and special moments.

Thank you, and see you soon!

Gregory Charles

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