Front - Maison de la musique René-Charette

The Maison de la musique René-Charette, Lanaudière's new music headquarters, is located in the heart of downtown Joliette. Since autumn 2023, this venue has been open to all, hosting events that contribute to individual and collective enrichment through culture. It also houses the new administrative offices of the Festival de Lanaudière.

With this initiative, the Festival de Lanaudière confirms its role as an exceptional musical crossroads for Quebec and the rest of the world. The project also provides the setting for the Festival's activities to democratize classical music and promote music education in the local community. The Maison de la Musique René-Charette project represents a total investment of $2.6 million, including over $1 million in private funding from generous partners and donors..


In this blog post, learn more about the story behind this new cultural venue with a few highlights, and discover in reading and in pictures, , the vast and luminous spaces on offer.


Tribute to a visionary music lover: René Charette


René Charette with Fernand Lindsay | Shovelled earth, Amphithéâtre de Lanaudière, August 23, 1988

René Charette believed in the power of the arts and culture to improve the quality of life of his fellow citizens. Along with Father Fernand Lindsay and Marcel Masse, he is credited with creating the Festival de Lanaudière and instigating the Amphitheatre Fernand-Lindsay project.


René Charette was administrator of the Festival de Lanaudière for four decades (43 years), until he breathed his last on July 4, 2019. This Maison de la musique René-Charette is a magnificent way of highlighting the commitment and dedication of this great Lanaudière man.


The building on St-Paul street

In 2021, the Festival de Lanaudière received the historic gift of this building from Joliette businessman Gérard Descheneaux, a fervent art lover and long-time friend of the Festival. A legacy that will solidify the Festival's roots in Lanaudière.

Gérard Descheneaux, donor of the building | Inauguration of the Maison de la musique René-Charette

A few facts about the building

  • Mr. Gérard Descheneaux had owned the building for a long time, and had already considered donating it for use as the municipal library, just before the Rina-Lasnier library project was launched at the former Saint-Pierre church in 2007. Mr. Descheneaux was churchwarden!
  • 165 St-Paul street has been occupied by several restaurants... and the overlapping layers of ceramics bear witness to this! Perhaps you remember Trattoria Gusto or Café des Cours?
  • The building had also been occupied by Joliette radio, an amateur theater troupe and Véronique Hivon's campaign HQ.
Rental spaces

The Maison de la musique René-Charette will enable the Festival de Lanaudière to deploy its year-round activities to democratize classical music, as well as hosting regular activities by partners, notably music education organizations in the region. The various areas of the Maison de la musique will also be available for rental to the general public.



With a capacity of 75 people for cocktails, this bright space is ideal for your 5 to 7 events!

The Azrieli Foundation cocktail lounge


With a capacity of 100 (seated) or 75 (cabaret), this room is ideal for all types of events: concerts, rehearsals, general meetings and more! On site, you'll find a 1916 Steinway "Hamburg" piano, courtesy of the Musée d'art de Joliette: PIANO INFORMATION

Prélude Desjardins concert hall


The Médiathèque is a conference room, allowing 20 people to sit comfortably in this space steeped in history.



Médiathèque highlights

  • Visitors will find Father Lindsay's collection of nearly a thousand vinyl records, LPs and sheet music.Many of these scores have been autographed by artists who have performed in Joliette over the past 47 years!
  • Mrs. Marina Gusti, a generous donor to the Festival, donated rare vinyl, including recordings imported from Eastern Europe during the Cold War.
  • Festival visitors' books are also available here! Mr. Louis Grypinich, a friend of the Festival, started the tradition of signing artists at the Festival after their performances. His daughter Louise took over a few years ago, sometimes accompanied by Louis' granddaughter: so there are three generations of Grypinichs behind these books!
  • Visitors are invited to reminisce about great moments linked to the Lanaudière Festival by the wall of caricaturesThese were published in the Joliette Journal between 1979 and 1996.




Those interested in renting one of the spaces at the Maison de la musique René-Charette are invited to fill out the reservation form available here, or to contact our team by telephone at 450-759-7636 ext. 0.


We look forward to seeing you!