The Festival in our donors’ words

At the Festival, we are fortunate to be able to count on loyal donors who are committed to making classical music resonate more than ever in Lanaudière. Learn more about what motivates them to get involved with the Festival de Lanaudière!

Jean-Luc et Jeanne Malo, donors

What motivates you to support the Festival de Lanaudière?

We have been attending the Festival de Lanaudière for almost 40 years. In the days of Father Fernand Lindsay , we used to thank him at the final concert of the season. His presence continues to live on at the Festival. Visiting the Amphitheatre in the summer season allows us to experience the union of nature and art in an exceptional acoustic setting. The inventiveness of the programming and the excellence of the performances are a constant gift!

We are also amazed by the wonderful mix of performances in the immense space of the Amphitheatre and its surrounding green space, and par les récitals intimes dans les églises historiques de Lanaudière.All of this gives the Festival its highly original identity.

Finally, the new general and artistic management team of the last few years has breathed a dynamic wind of renewal into the Festival, while retaining the human warmth of a volunteer host..

You have chosen to make a donation through your foundation. Could you tell us more about it?

We created this philanthropic foundation at the suggestion of our financial manager. We had already established two university foundations in the fields of visual arts and music. Giving through a foundation greatly simplifies the process; it is a way of doing things that should be encouraged.

Why do you think it is important to contribute to culture?

For us, art is life and culture, it is what permeates and motivates us every day.

Can you describe what the Festival de Lanaudière brings to you?

The prospect of a joy-filled summer with music and beautiful surroundings!

Thank you, Mr. and Mrs. Malo for supporting the Festival de Lanaudière.


Let’s hear from our donors!

Here are a few additional vibrant testimonials from Festival donors.

" We discovered the Festival de Lanaudière late: five years ago. I would say that to discover it is to adopt it. We particularly appreciate the varied programming for all tastes and the quality of the musical performances. And the enchanting site, which offers a unique quality experience for all budgets, goes without saying. Now that we are fully aware of this exceptional treasure whose reputation has spread beyond the region, it is with great pleasure that my spouse and I attend several concerts and make an annual donation to help maintain this major event. » – Robert Talbot, donor

“It is with great pleasure that I express my appreciation for the Festival de Lanaudière, which I have been attending since its inception. In short, I wonder what summer would be like without my visits to the Festival. As a resident of Trois-Rivières, I’m a little jealous of those who live nearby and have the opportunity to be even more loyal. The Festival’s administrators have a knack for renewing their programming to surprise us season after season with renowned artists and the joy of discovering them. For those who have an ear for beauty, the site is highly attractive because it blends the harmony of its design and surroundings with that of the music. Even when it comes from another century, the music here recaptures its youthful momentum to match the genius of the creator. I hope that donors and audiences will continue to contribute and encourage the organizers in this beautiful mission that goes beyond the Lanaudière region. - Jules Babineau, donor

" For me, the Festival de Lanaudière is a defining factor in my choice to live in Quebec since my arrival in Canada in 1977. It’s as if we’ve been on this journey together since the founding of two intertwined projects: Father Lindsay’s musical dream come true and my career as an architect. The language of music is one that needs no translation and opens all doors and crosses all barriers. What better motivation to support such a project which, from its modest beginnings, has continued to develop with the objective of encouraging and supporting generations of musicians from here and elsewhere as well as cultivating its faithful public. The Festival, which over the years has welcomed artists at the outset of their careers who are in full flight and who hail from all corners of the planet, is a school, a place of gathering and of exchange, experimentation, research, and integration into an ecosystem greater than that of each of us. »- Marina Gusti, donor


Whatever your financial means, you have the power to support the unifying and ambitious projects of the Festival de Lanaudière. you can make a donation by clicking here.