Frédéric Ellis and the Festival de Lanaudière: Where music and colour meet

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Marketing team - Festival de Lanaudière


Adventure, inspiration, and bringing people together from far and wide to celebrate with fellow music lovers in communion with nature: this is what defines the Festival de Lanaudière’s raison d’être..


The collaboration between illustrator Frédéric Ellis and the Festival de Lanaudière began as a highly intuitive one. We wanted to reintegrate the art of illustration in the Festival’s visual brand, through the Festival’s season poster.


Montreal-based 29-year-old Frédéric Ellis grew up in a world immersed in drawing and music. Originally from the Saguenay and surrounded by classical music from a very young age, today he still retains his fascination for the imaginary universe of childhood, in connection with the musical subjects he covers.


Ellis quickly captured the Festival’s attention with his book Le dessin au quotidien published in 2022. The collaboration soon materialized in his creation of the poster for theth Festival de Lanaudière’s 47th edition.




Affiche 2024

Here was the challenge: to stand out from previous years’ posters and showcase both the location and the purpose of the Festival de Lanaudière.


The season’s poster would have to capture and highlight the experience of complete immersion and friendly warmth which the Festival de Lanaudière offers, as well as the atmosphere generated by the world’s greatest concert halls, set in the soothing embrace of nature!


The whole creative process began in the fall of 2023, and only a few sketches sufficed for the Festival de Lanaudière team to be completely won over.


The final result magnificently depicts a piano in the countryside, representing the Amphithéâtre Fernand-Lindsay, and a creative, playful depiction of an orchestra and spectators.


Frédéric drew on his previous jazz-inspired works and prioritized a laid-back mood for the poster while concentrating on shape and outline that would result in a lighthearted, lively aesthetic. The poster’s contour was intentionally drawn at a somewhat lopsided angle, as a nod to the Festival de Lanaudière’s easygoing, accessible qualities, which beautifully harmonizes with this illustrator’s mastery of the asymmetrical drawing style.


Bright, warm colours and textures were developed to lend more contrast and depth to certain elements in the poster, such as trees, parasols, the piano, and the orange-tinged backdrop. These emphasize the Festival’s accessibility to as wide a public as possible, as well as delight, warmth, and the unique connection between audiences and their Festival.



A distinctive poster that positions this 47th edition of the Festival de Lanaudière Get your fill of music - the Festival de Lanaudière’s offering to audiences, simply and naturally.



Frédéric Ellis, illustrateur

This is not Frédéric Ellis's first collaboration in the performing arts since the publication of his first collection of drawings. In the winter of 2023, he worked with Les Violons du Roy for a concert featuring Gluck’s ballet Don Juan. He was commissioned to create illustrations to accompany the music.


This project fuelled his desire to pursue his gift for musically inspired illustrations. He saw great opportunities and potential in setting music to images and making connections with literature. He went on to collaborate with the Orchestre symphonique de Montréal for the concert Fantastic Creatures, where he was asked to create live illustrations under the direction of conductor Rafael Payare. This was followed by another project to create illustrations for Stravinsky’s ballet The Firebird, performed by the Orchestre symphonique du Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean. His artistic contribution was also featured in a children’s concert titled The Mystical Castle, an illustrated musical tale inspired by Shostakovich’s Trio in C minor, in collaboration with the ensemble Bach Before Bedtime presented in February 2024 at Place des Arts’ Cinquième Salle.


Alongside all these projects, Ellis has also teamed up with the Orchestre symphonique de Québec, to create illustrations for a Babar-themed youth concert, a co-creation of conductor Benoît Gauthier and stage director Josée Girard inspired by the famous children’s book series by Jean de Brunhoff. This was presented in March 2024


Throughout all these wonderful projects, Frédéric Ellis has learned to reconnect with his musical roots and to think about classical music in visual and narrative terms, “narrative music” enabling a wide audience to discover or rediscover masterpieces of the musical repertoire from a lighthearted angle. The Festival de Lanaudière has been privileged to develop this project with this young and gifted illustrator and looks forward to future collaborations with him.


Join us this summer and Get your fill of music !