Employee portrait : Émilie

We at the Festival de Lanaudière are fortunate to be able to count on dynamic employees who work hard to produce Canada’s largest classical music festival. Please meet Émilie, a woman with a big heart who has been loyal to the Festival for 12 years.

Can you tell us about yourself in a few words?     

My name is Émilie Brideau and I’ve had the pleasure of working as an accounting technician with the Festival for almost 12 years. I completed a course in financial management several years ago and I am currently doing a microprogram in human resources, remotely. I am from Repentigny, and I am the proud mom of two big boys, aged 13 and 10. I am also the stepmom of an 8-year-old little lady, who, shall we say, tempers all the masculinity in the house!

Can you name some elements that you enjoy about your job?

What I enjoy the most about my job is the variety of responsibilities and the trust I am given. I have my hands in almost everything, accounting-wise, and that’s truly what makes me tick: I’m never bored! Also, I get to work with an amazing team.

Qu’est-ce qui t’a poussé à accepter un poste au Festival ?

I was looking for a new challenge and knew I should seek out a small business if I wanted a variety of duties on the job. I also wanted to connect with the more of the human and spontaneous side of my field. As a young mother, I also needed stability and a minimum of flexibility. So, the Festival was ideal for me 😊 And incidentally, I got to take on tons of exciting challenges right after starting with the Festival, since my first day was smack in the middle of the 2011 season!

Peux-tu me nommer quelques beaux souvenirs d’une édition précédente du Festival ? 

Yannick Nézet-Séguin et Nicholas Angelich

There are so many fond memories of past editions! Even though as a child, I was not immersed in classical music, certain concerts totally bowled me over. My very favourite was unquestionably pianist Nicholas Angelich, who performed at the Festival in 2016. That man profoundly moved me. Another favourite was theOrchestre Métropolitain with the Cirque Éloïze The visual element was breathtaking. I also loved the concerts featuringes Grands Ballets and cellist Stéphane Tétreault.

What does a “typical” workday look like when the Festival is gearing up to launch?

Generally speaking, I’m up to my eyeballs! Jokes aside, though, my role consists of a whole bunch of little things as the Festival is gearing up! I have to make sure I have all the necessary documents for the season (employment contracts for the seasonal team, artist contracts, partnership agreements, etc.). I also have to make sure the bistro, dressing rooms and float team are up and running. I have to see to it that the accounts are as up to date as possible and that all the permits have been issued. There is actually no such thing as a “typical” day with the Festival, and that’s what I love about it.

Tell us about yourself !

What are your favourite activities in your spare time?

If there’s dancing, the sound of water, the sound of a crackling fire, or a good novel, I’m there! I like all styles of dancing, I love swimming and going camping. I am a very happy woman at dinners with family or friends, or when I’m watching one of my children doing a sport or activity. I’m also a very well-equipped mom for cheering them on: flute, cowbell, rattle… I can always make some noise!

Where in the world do you most enjoy spending time?

I would say Lac Rouge in St-Alphonse-Rodriguez! I have not been there in a few years—my grandparents are no longer there—but it remains, for me, even to this day, the most peaceful place on earth. Otherwise, wherever I can hear the sound of water or waves is a place I will feel good.

Can you name your top three favourite artists?          

My musical tastes are pretty varied, ranging from Queen to Les Cowboys Fringants and The Offspring. I do have my favourite songs, though:

  • Gentleman-Farmer and Tu sens bon by JP “Le Pad” Tremblay
  • Jerusalema by Master KG
  • Apprendre à vivre by Sir Pathétik
  • Firework by Katy Perry
  • Grand-Père Jos by Cayouche.

What is your guilty pleasure?

Definitely poutine!

 Do you have any dreams you would like to fulfill?

J’ai l’impression qu’il manquera une partie de moi tant que je n’irai pas au Nouveau-Brunswick et en Afrique (Kenya, Éthiopie ou Madagascar). Je rêve d’aller à ces deux endroits depuis que j’ai l’âge de voyager !


Émilie, in the words of ...


Émilie is a dream colleague! She is sensitive, versatile, considerate, hard-working, generous and always ready to help others. She takes her team’s well-being to heart, and you can immediately feel that as soon as she’s around ! Emma-Geneviève, Operations Coordinator

Émilie is a kind-hearted person, always attentive to others. It’s an absolute pleasure working with her - Vanessa, Marketing Coordinator

Émilie is an attentive colleague, an inspiring woman, and I am quite blessed that the path I took crossed her’s. Have a poutine with her, and you’ll be like me, absolutely charmed😊  Claude, Marketing Director

Émilie is a true sweetheart. Always tuned in and looking for solutions, she is also a funny and genial colleague, with a whole lot of intelligence, both intellectual and emotional. I am very impressed by her going back to school, it speaks to her desire to keep learning and challenging herself. - Xavier, Executive Director

Émilie is our “cohesion agent”! In the world of concrete, use of a cohesion agent brings both flexibility and solidity to the mixture. It acts so that the concrete can reach its optimum balance. That’s how I would compare Émilie’s impact on our Festival team. With Émilie, we are thoroughly “reinforced”!  - Normand, Manager, Tourism Development and Audience Experience

Émilie is the epitome of kindness! Always ready to be of service and help anyone and everyone, and always with high spirits. We couldn’t do without her! - Sylvie, Director of Operations

Émilie is the backbone of the Festival! She’s the one we turn to for help or information on everything organizationally Festival-related. She always knows how to support us and does so in an ultra-efficient and professional way. We’re trying to find a way to clone her 😀  - Mychèle, Project Manager—Private Funding

Émilie a une énergie de feu contagieuse et elle est extrêmement efficace et organisée. Elle aura mon respect éternel pour travailler avec les chiffres avec autant d’aisance !  —Margot, Cultural Mediation Intern