Project the Festival into the future

The gift of vibrancy, for all.


Whatever your financial means, you have the power to support the unifying and ambitious projects of the Festival de Lanaudière. What we wish to achieve, from this year on, is to be present with you throughout the year, not only in the summer.

By contributing, you join a community of donors committed to giving classical music a more resonant place in Lanaudière, for the delight and benefit of all young people, seniors, musicians, and music lovers, here and elsewhere.


The Maison de la musique René-charette : making it a reality

« La Maison de la musique René-Charette deviendra le quartier général de la musique dans Lanaudière grâce à ses espaces vastes et lumineux, ses équipements professionnels et son emplacement idéal au centre-ville de Joliette. Nous espérons que tous les organismes musicaux et musiciens de la région s’y sentent comme chez eux! » – Xavier Roy, directeur général du Festival

Propelling local classical musicians

The Lanaudière region brims with talent! Emerging young musicians are just waiting for an opportunity to make the world vibrate around them by refining their technique and drawing inspiration from the greatest. With your support, the Festival will offer them a professional development program and opportunities to participate in concerts, both in its program and master classes.

The Jacques Martin Fund will support the professional and personal development of emerging top classical musicians.

Festival de Lanaudière - Les musiciens d'ici
Festival de Lanaudière - Le festival et les jeunes

Developing the love for classical music in young people

Listening to and learning about music is good for children of all ages. Thanks to you, the Festival will offer a series of educational capsules for schools, a partnership to support a youth production introducing children to the instruments of the orchestra, as well as a pricing policy that favours accessibility for young people and families.

Improving the well-being of seniors

Human beings are sensitive to music at every stage of their lives. Music is a universal language and a source of well-being, increasingly used in caring for the elderly who benefit from its positive effects on motor skills and memory. Thanks to your donation, the Festival will offer listening cafés in libraries as well as concerts in Lanaudière’s seniors’ residences to assist them with their discovery of musical works.

Festival de Lanaudière - Les aînés
Festival de Lanaudière - Lier les communautés

Bringing communities together

Music has the power to create links between narratives and cultures. By making a donation, you help initiate, among other things, cooperative percussion workshops with the Centre d’amitié autochtone de Lanaudière (Lanaudière Native Friendship Centre) as well as a public rehearsal, during the Festival, particularly for organizations involved in welcoming and promoting the inclusion of newcomers.

Enjoy the best that classical music offers

The Festival has been creating unforgettable musical moments for decades … but it has no shortage of other ambitious projects! Your donation will help us present exceptional concerts featuring world-class artists from here and abroad and make our local musical gem shine brightly on the national and international scenes.

The Festival possesses its own Foundation for the purpose of ensuring its long-term development and sustainability.

Festival de Lanaudière - Musique classique




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Tax credits for large cultural donations

To encourage donations to cultural organizations, the Quebec government has extended its tax credit program for first-time large cultural donations made by individuals to December 31, 2022. For any donation between $5,000 and $25,000, you can benefit from an additional 25% tax credit. Your contribution can be made in one payment or in several instalments during the taxation year. You can request the tax credit only once.

Talk to your tax specialist about this!

Recognition program

The financial support of our loyal donors is paramount in safeguarding the Festival de Lanaudière’s sustainability.

We wish to acknowledge their generosity and their contribution.