A plan for the future



In this unprecedented year, the Festival de Lanaudière team has delved into its rich history to better map out its future. As part of a strategic planning exercise that involved dozens of festival goers, donors, partners, and elected officials, the Festival’s Board of Directors and its team have defined their new vision for the future: to make the Lanaudière region the hub of classical music in Canada.


To fulfill this ambitious goal, the Festival will work in collaboration with the region’s music community to optimize its status as the country’s leading classical music festival event, thus reaffirming culture’s essential role as a motor of the economy and of tourism for Lanaudière.


From the outset, the Festival has been committed to creating bold and accessible events that bring together audiences and artists of international calibre, both nationally and internationally. “While current times continue to be challenging and difficult, they also yield great promise. We are experiencing something akin to a re-foundation. We are projecting ourselves into the future without deviating from our objectives of development and crafting artistic partnerships that will make Lanaudière an extraordinary cultural crossroads,” explained Artistic Director Renaud Loranger.

Our Reason for Being

The Festival de Lanaudière’s mission is to bring people together from all corners of the world to converge around classical music and celebrate with fellow music—lovers, in communion with Nature.

Unique in North America, the Festival offers bold yet accessible events featuring artists of international calibre from here and abroad.

Our Ambition

To make the Lanaudière region the classical music hub in Canada by fostering individual and collective enrichment through music.


  • Communion
  • Enrichment
  • Unity
  • Breadth (boldness)
  • Joy
  • Generosity


Reaffirm the Festival’s status as a benchmark for classical music in Canada.

Our consistently bold artistic programming will dominate the North American scene, owing to the presence of key players in the classical world while cultivating diversity and creation. We will act as leaders in the convergence of major cultural institutions in Quebec, Canada and internationally, while closely working with the community of Greater Joliette and Lanaudière.

Develop the public’s year-round commitment to the Festival de Lanaudière

We will expand our offer and our audience through digital technology and increased involvement in the community. Cultural mediation will allow us to seal our roots in the Lanaudière region, in particular with families and senior citizens. In all our activities, we are committed to offering extraordinary human experiences that are bound to create a privileged and lasting relationship between audiences and “their” Festival.

Giving the Festival de Lanaudière the means to achieve its ambition

An ambitious plan such as ours requires an entrepreneurial approach and growth in our resources. We will invest increasingly in our artistic proposals, our involvement in the community, and our outreach, primarily through philanthropy, with the aim of responsible growth. We will be a modern organization, both in our internal processes and governance, and in our involvement with various current social issues.